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The game is about Lee, who travels by plane to a hotel on one of a small distant island, but something unexpected happens, so he'll soon face vivid adventures and a good bunch of survival.

An exciting process of taming wild and hot babes, which will open access to a variety of unusual kinks and passionate situations, an island full of mysteries. You will have to develop skills, find contact with wayward girls, complete quests and eventually understand whether there is an opportunity to escape from a desert island!

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PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Release date Mar 18, 2022
Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars
(48 total ratings)
AuthorManka Games
GenreAdventure, Survival
Made withBlender, Ren'Py
Tags2D, Adult, Animation, Crafting, Experimental, minigames, Monsters, Point & Click
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
LanguagesGerman, English
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Touchscreen
AccessibilitySubtitles, Textless
LinksSteam, Patreon, Twitter, Steam, Homepage, YouTube


Buy Now$20.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $20 USD. You will get access to the following files:

tameit-1.1.2-pc.zip 258 MB
tameit-1.1.2-mac.zip 223 MB
tameit-1.1.2-android.apk 244 MB
Tame It Too! Prototype Windows (0.2.0)
Tame It Too! Prototype Linux (0.2.0) 1,000 MB
Tame It Too! Prototype Windows 910 MB
Tame It Too! Prototype Linux 853 MB

Download demo

tameit demo 126 MB

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Does the version here include a Steam key?

Будет ли обновление с островом Здравствуйте, где находится Тома?

Will tame it too! Also have mobile option?


The first release will be the PC version, but after that we will focus on the mobile version. It will require a lot of optimizations and work on the controls :)

im suposed to trace the map but i cant because it missing a piece and i canr find i

im playing 1.1.2 and im able to do the hide behind the rock thing but half way through the taming process sheel take the food but it says she ran away and she dosent progres

Hi! Check out this tutorial

Throw food she likes closer to Lee each time

Is there a walkthrough/guide for this?


Tôi không biết trò chơi còn cập nhật thêm nữa không

We're working on the next update :)


When we can expect next update i am waiting for next update please reply

No dates yet but we working as fast as we can ☺️

Khi nào sẽ cập nhật thêm nữa

Tui không biết trò chơi còn có thể cập nhật nữa không??

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I can't find the second piece from the top left

Check the lower left corner of the rocky road to the lake :)

I was working on teaching words to the mermaid girl and now she's not in her cave and if I go to the part of my house where she is supposed to move to eventually it says I need to keep working with her but she's always gone.

What version of the game do you play? This bug was fixed some time ago :)

i can't find the last piece of the map

You can get it by the story in the last chapter of the game, check your version :)

version ?

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How do I find worms for fishing nets?

Try something unexpected for a bait, like fruits :)

Phiên bản cập nhật 1.1.2 này có những bổ sung gì mới vậy

  • Add additional check to SOS location (thx Rann, sixtynine)
  • Try to fix rare sky bug
  • Fix German translation


I want to enter the discord, thanks.

Welcome! :)

Tôi không biết liệu trò chơi còn có được cập nhật nữa không vậy

Yes, version 1.1.2 will be released soon

one of the best iv played, can anyone recommend me somethimg similar you know deserted island 

Anal sex?

Yes, the game have several scenes with it!

Chừng nào cũng mới có bản cập nhật mới nhất vậy AD

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About the game, so I'm in the hut/house with the cat and I have taught her words till the lovin emoji and now there's a emoji of green cloud and whenever I try to teach her that it shows a renpy error page and if I ignore it then she fails to learn the word and I am that way stuck I don't know what to do next since there seems to be no goals or task mechanic in games and no quitting and restarting the game isn't removing the renpy error thing without knowing what to do next and for some reason there's no walkthrough available anywhere at all

You play into very old version of the game, update it to the actual version :)


Fuck, I feel like an idiot now, sorry


Hi, Where can I find the last piece? I've searched all the cave rooms inch by inch and the entire rocky road to the cave. I'm missing the bottom second from right piece.

This one should be on the location with the plane, if I get you right :)


Found it! thx

How do u  Increase love

By gifts, learning new words and feeding girls regularly :)

I don't know if the game is still up to date

New update will be released today and all updates are free for owners of the game :)

Hello, I was playing this game and right now I'm stuck at one part and I don't know what to do. Can you help me please? I have already got mirror and fixed it, but I can't find Octa. I'm playing on version 0.13.0

Hi! This bug was fixed in the version 1.0.1, update should help


You are still having the error where I cannot finish the map in the cave any way to fix it?

Hi! What error is this?


I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:

  File "game/scenes/common/map.rpy", line 250, in <module>

  File "game/classes/games/map.rpy", line 188, in is_copy_valid

IOError: [Errno 9] Bad file descriptor

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:

  File "scenes/chapter13/home.rpyc", line 276, in script call

  File "scenes/common/map.rpyc", line 250, in script

  File "renpy/ast.py", line 1898, in execute

    if renpy.python.py_eval(condition):

  File "renpy/python.py", line 2276, in py_eval

    return py_eval_bytecode(code, globals, locals)

  File "renpy/python.py", line 2269, in py_eval_bytecode

    return eval(bytecode, globals, locals)

  File "game/scenes/common/map.rpy", line 250, in <module>

  File "game/classes/games/map.rpy", line 188, in is_copy_valid

  File "renpy/minstore.py", line 72, in print

    _print(*args, **kwargs)

  File "renpy/log.py", line 233, in write


IOError: [Errno 9] Bad file descriptor

The game can't create log file, maybe it doesn't have rights to create/write files on your system.  Do you play on Windows?


Try to move your game folder out of protected directories like Desktop, check your antivirus as it may block writing functions of the game and make sure your user have write access to the game folder

Plz help me how to draw the map i buld the map in cave but  i can copy it plz help me plzzzzzzzz

The bug with the map was fixed in 1.0.3, update your game if you have old or unofficial version

Hi, I have a bit of an issue. Having played the game previously (an earlier build) I think I remember acquiring the shack door from the far right side of the beach before the storm. Unfortunately I forgot to do so and trigegered the storm event anyways, and now the door is nowhere to be found, which means I cannot upgrade my house further. Any tips?

Yes, this problem was fixed in 1.0.1, if you started to play in earlier version, we can fix your save file, just send it to us in Discord or by email yummy@manka.games

Deleted 39 days ago

Hi! Check lower left side of the rocky road to the lake

Deleted 39 days ago

Hi I'm stuck. I'm supposed to find pieces of cloth for the raft but I can't find them. Can I get some help please?


Hi! Check in the plane, at the passenger seats :)


$20.00 USD ?

I liked the demo, but 20$ is a bit much.


Thank you!

The prices on all sites are set in an equal level with Steam base price. When we participate in sales or lower prices, they also change on all platforms. Stay tuned :)


Hi can i ask how to open the plane door that was stuck on the tree im a mobile gamer and i kinda know how to survive here for years but don't know how to progress

and im here to report a bug in the game

Hi! Take note what Lee dreams about at nights, it hints of what to do next. I think you need to gift big fish or big fish mixed with honey to Cat to progress in that chapter, if I understood your progress correctly.

Thanks for the bug report!


Hi, where to find last piece of map?

Try to search at the corners in the cave and at the rocky road to the lake :)

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Hey I have the android ver I got stuck on the map it does not draw even though I traced the outlines on the paper 

pls help

Hi! We investigating this issue, if you send us your save file, we can fix it for you


Hey, love your game. But i got stuck at building the raft got the bamboo, rock, and metal plates, but the last thing i can't find it anywhere?  

Hi! Look at the plane, it's cloth from the plane passenger seats :)

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Quick question, after defeating the jag and finding tanya I think, and making piece of map or somethin what do I need to do? I cant find pilot-girl and cant do anything with that map...

Please help

You need to complete the map and make a copy of it, the story should move further after that :)

But how to complete it? I dont have last piece and cant find it anywhere...

Try to search at the corners in the cave and at the rocky road to the lake :)


Ty for the help!

Got it and finished it!

I am waiting for more :D

Deleted 267 days ago
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